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Deposit 1
Get 100% up to $2,000 on your1st 2x deposit FREE $2,000
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Deposit 2
Get 105% up to $2,100 on yournext x2 deposit FREE $2,100 
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Deposit 3
Get 110% up to $3,300 on yournext x3 deposit FREE $3,300
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Deposit 4
Get 110% up to $4,600 on yournext x3 deposit FREE $4,600
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Deposit 5
Get 120% up to $6,000 on yournext x5 deposit FREE $6,000
Coupon Code : 120MA10Y12

Deposit 6
Get 125% up to $7,500 on your next x6 deposit FREE $7,500
Coupon Code : 125MA10Y12

Deposit 7
Get 130% up to $10,400 on yournext x8 deposit FREE $10,400
Coupon Code : 130MA10Y12

Deposit 8
Get 135% up to $13,500 on yournext x10 deposit FREE $13,500
Coupon Code : 135MA10Y12

Deposit 9
Get 200% up to $40,000 on yournext x20 deposit FREE $40,000
Coupon Code : 200MA10Y12

Deposit 10
Get 250% up to $62,500 on your next x25 deposit FREE $62,500
Coupon Code : 250MA10Y12

Deposit 11
Get 300% up to $90,000 on yournext x30 deposit FREE $90,000
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Deposit 12
Get 350% up to $122,500 on yournext x30 deposit FREE $122,500
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Finally the smell of the sweet weekend arrives! Saturdays are 
fun fun fun! Especially since the exciting and much awaited $1k Exclusive Freeroll Slot 
Tournament starts today! Players are now battelling each other 
as we speak! This could not be any more thrilling!

Let's add one more exciting activity to make this Saturday even more fun! How's about a lottle trivia, yes? who knows? You could  win a nice and juicy $500 comps!

Trivia question: How many bonus codes do we give out in one  week? Weekdays + Weekends, excluding special draw codes)

$500 Comps goes to the first person who can provide the correct  answer! Email your answer to / with the following format:

Email subject: MAY 11 TRIVIA
Email body: Answer: ______________
Your email account: ______________

The best of luck!

It’s a weekend and there seems to be nothing interesting to do at home and you are just too exhausted to get up from your couch and go outside. In times like these, all you have to do is turn on your computer and enjoy the colourful online gaming experience brought to you by yours truly. Spin, hit, and roll like crazy! In our establishment, you log in as a player, and log out as a winner! May the odds be forever in your favour!
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